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The oldest networking club in State College.

Learn about TIPS Club


TIPS is comprised of 40 successful and reputable non-competing businesses with some of the original members still associated with the club.


Every Thursday morning, the TIPS club meets for breakfast to exchange ideas and information on local business opportunities and hapenings.



The primary purpose is to advance the financial well being and success of its members and their businesses by increasing sales and business leads.


Membership Benefits

TIPS is an exclusive membership organization with local members representing a broad spectrum of business and community leaders. As such, membership into the TIPS organization is by invitation only.


Membership in TIPS is of special interest to people who have a direct interest in sales – people who own a business, work on commission, or operate a franchise – and to professionals such as lawyers, architects and accountants.

The major benefit of membership is that TIPS presents a continuing flow of sales leads and other useful business information. Some leads may be hot and result in a direct contact or sale, while other TIPS may be in the form of news, events or speculations not yet made public. TIPS members receive leads and information they might otherwise not have known about.

Membership in TIPS is also a broadening experience, offering exposure to successful people in different businesses with different perspectives. In addition to club members exchanging useful information at the meetings, guests are often invited to speak to the club on a variety of topics relevant to helping club members prosper.


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